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Sunday, May 6, 2012

When Adoption = All Hope is Lost

I was sitting at a lovely tea today organized by one of my friends.  It really was a nice time.  I don't normally enjoy tea sandwiches all that much but I found myself all but hiding a few away in my purse to take home with me.  So there I sat.  The lovely woman on the right of me asks the lovely woman on the left of me if she has any children.

 "Yes, I have two." the woman replied.  "It took me a very long time to conceive my first.  I had considered adoption but then I got pregnant.  He was my surprise baby.  Then I had a second."

 The woman who asked gives her a compassionate look and says "what a wonderful story.  It just goes to show you that once you think all hope is lost, God finds a way."

 Adoption = all hope is lost?