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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Once Silent, Now Activist Adoptee

by Susan Perry

I am happy and honored that Amanda has asked me to write for Lost Daughters.  I started my blog Family Ties in April because I have a lot to say about adoption, and it's hard to interest the media in those adoption stories that fall outside of the human interest realm.  I've been working with NJCARE for over ten years now, trying to convince legislators to pass an Adoptee Rights Bill.  Last year, we came close.  Both the Assembly and Senate had approved an acceptable bill, but Gov. Chris Christie conditionally vetoed it, opting instead for an unworkable system of confidential intermediaries.  The fight goes on.  To introduce myself here, I am going to include some of a post I wrote last month, because it documents my personal story and explains how and why my feelings about adoption have changed.  Once, I didn't talk about adoption at all.  Now I am motivated to speak out.  Here's my story: