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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reunion and Open Adoption...Part 2

Imagine if you were able to know your birthparents while you were growing up. Along-side, but not part of your family. Visiting, writing, sharing time together. So many of us seek reunion with our birthparents when we're adults. What if we were able to know our birthparents our whole lives? Would that be better? Worse? Given the choice, would we choose that, or would we just rather not know? 

Coming from a closed-adoption experience, I am fascinated by open-adoption. While it feels like it is intended as a step towards making the adoption experience better - after all, it takes away the secrecy and shame - I wonder if it is better, or if it's just the same issues just packaged in a new way? And have we opened up a whole new set of issues that we didn't have in the closed adoption system?