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Monday, April 15, 2013

Illinois Adoption Legislation: Why "Not Clean" Doesn't Necessarily Mean "Dirty"

I began writing this at the American Adoption Conference in Cleveland this weekend. It was a wonderful conference, as always. Lots of dialogue, art, and research-sharing on the hurts, hopes, and complexities of adoption from all different members of the triad. (And I saw a few more people of color! It's usually so unbelievably White here.)

Representative Sara Feigenholtz shared the story of Illinois' adoption laws and the 2010 legislation that allows adoptees access to their original birth certificates. (People adopted through closed adoptions in IL have only ammended birth certificates which list their new names and their adoptive parents' names, removing the original information. Prior to this new law, adoptees were never allowed to have their original birth certificates.)

Adoptee Poet Rachel Rostad

The video below is a sample of the work of the Macalester College slam poetry team in St. Paul, Minnesota. Please take a few minutes to watch this powerful performance by Korean adoptee Rachel Rostad.

Rachel Rostad from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Update, 4/16/13: After seeing this video here, Land of Gazillion Adoptees has posted a nice interview with Rachel Rostad. Go check it out!