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Friday, May 3, 2013

Watching Someone Rise from the Ashes (and why you Should Still Listen When a Story is Sad)

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day.  My screen door clapped against its frame behind me as I stepped out into the sunlight.  My children played happily in their sandbox as I clinked the yard gate shut and knelt down on the fresh earth in front of me.  On my knees, I waded through a mix of hostas that had burst through the ground and those stubborn wild onion weeds.  Our garden soil is always rich and full of wriggling earthworms; an underground stream runs somewhere through our yard.  Still, though, the weeds are difficult to render from the earth.  As a cold sensation soaked through my jeans, chilling my knees, I remembered that it had just rained.  It is always easier to pull weeds when it rains.  I began to yank the green intruders from my garden in handfuls, easily unearthing their tangled bulbs.  I recalled being a little girl and thinking that the rain was the earth's way of having a good cry.