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Monday, June 10, 2013

A Secret Wish

Gateway to Kumgang Park (Busan)
Everyone I am back, and I will be discussing a rather sensitive and emotional topic this time, namely death. But not in the way you may expect ... no as a reunited adoptee; I am aware of the fact that my views on death and dying might not be what you would expect neither should you consider it as an insult towards my adoptive parents. I am very close with my dad I guess I am what you should call a daddy's girl or I used to be at least when I was younger. Of course I love my mum dearly, she raised me and cared for me. Yet the love I received from complete strangers did not help erase the trauma or my conflicting feelings towards my roots and my new life.

I wonder if my soul will be able to finally find peace in the land of the morning calm, the country that once rejected me that I yet hold very dear to my heart....