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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stand with Girls Worldwide

Recently, my children and I attended a march at our state capitol to Stand with Wisconsin Women. I am frequently reminded of the injustices to all women, but I am most concerned with young girls like my daughter who are growing up in a society where one’s appearance becomes the most important factor in self esteem.

While we in the United States are not the only ones shackling our girls in this idea of the ultimate beauty, we are feeding the frenzy in other parts of our world.

It reminds me of this This American Life broadcast. (This post addresses the first eight minutes of the podcast.)

Teaching at a Korean high school for girls, a young American woman expressed her shock at the vagaries of the Korean teenage girl. While teens everywhere are preoccupied with their appearances, these teens were preoccupied with the ideal beauty they saw in the Western woman.

As I have mentioned here, I, too, wanted the large Western eyes.  So much so, I would paint liquid eye-liner on my lids to create a crease … a crease that these young Koreans want so badly that they undergo plastic surgery. My obsession with my eyes was rooted in my desire to blend into my Western society. Or so I thought.