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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Packing Up the Past

I'm sitting here, surrounded by boxes with a cup of tea in my hand, thinking about how much STUFF I have to do over the next few weeks and months. I have to get this room packed, so I can move on to the next room, and then the next, until we finally move and then I have to unpack all of this stuff, reorganize, and then adjust to a new home and setup. I've been cleaning out as I go, throwing out what's trash, donating what I can, and saving only that which needs to be saved.

As I've been going through everything, I've run across a few items that I forgot I had. It's so funny to me that I forgot. Only a few years ago those items felt like everything. I had the benefit (or curse) of reuniting with my natural family during the digital age. Most of those first pieces of communication were electronic. It was wonderful because it meant for the most part instant gratification. I could read the latest email the second it was delivered to my inbox, mere seconds after it was written. I could pull up the photos that were attached with minimal effort wherever I was with my phone. In this world of texting and chatting, I had access, something that I'd waited my entire life for. And then one day, almost overnight, it was all gone.