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Saturday, November 30, 2013

So What If I'm Asian

It is the 21st century now and has been for over a decade.  As a woman I would like to imagine--if not believe--that feminism has gotten further than the 60s bra burning and the 70s sexual revolution. That it is alright for young women like myself to want to have a carrier, a husband, and a family.

Since I recently began my first job, something rather strange has happened.  My boss has told me not to laugh or joke too much at work. And I think you all know what happens when you know there are certain things you can't do - like laugh. If you happen to start laughing then you will laugh even louder, longer and harder.

I am young and a woman - someone has even said that I am beautiful.  At least once I have been told that I am too wild and beautiful - I am not sure if that was a joke. At work I wear a uniform and, since I have been unemployed for many years, I decided to start dressing smart once I got a job. The thing is, I like clothes and fashion, I admit I like to dress smart even on a weekday. I like to think I can get away with wearing whatever I like. I often wear a dress and high heels or skinny pants and boots which might be provocative or too sexy for some but honestly speaking--I don't care. It is my body and I should be able to decide what I'd like to wear to and from work - I wear a uniform at work so what's the deal ?