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Sunday, December 22, 2013

All I Want for Christmas Is My OBC

I’ve seen comments similar to this posted by several adoptees this past week. And for 400,000 adopted adults in Ohio, their prayers were answered this past Thursday when Governor Kasich signed off on a new law that will give them their OBCs sometime around March 2015.

Not everyone views the Ohio law as good news, though, because it’s not “clean,” meaning it does not grant all adoptees unrestricted access to all of the information on their OBCs. Though the legislation began just that way, in order to get the bill to a final vote in the senate, a revision had to be added to grant birth parents one year’s time to come forward and say they want their names redacted from the OBCs before the documents are released. On Thursday, while the revised bill was being signed into law, I participated in a lengthy discussion with several of my sisters here at Lost Daughters about the pros and cons of supporting a compromise such as this one (for another viewpoint, see this recent post by Julie Stromberg).