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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Seeing Through Adoption's Spectacles

I find it both ironic and disturbing that my new found enlightenment, understanding and unionship, isn't recognized by society at large. Maybe it's true that my adoption has shaped me and my outlook on the world, it may be only black and white. Of course I realize and am aware of the fact that there are areas of grey shades in between.

Being bullied as a child might have made me super-sensitive, with a rather short fuse and at times a rancorous mind. To see the world through adoption spectacles means that you only focus on the black and the white colours and shades even though there are a large rainbow of other colours too.

I don't want to compromise on something as important to me, it seems the challenge for me now is to balance my knowledge, wisdom and experience on adoption related things without having to completely abandon my new found wisdom for a life of assimilation and adjustment.

But really why should I have to make the compromises, why is it me that is feeling society's pressure?  Why should I be questioned; why can't it be considered normal to want keep your birth family in your life? Who are they to question my decisions and my choices to live my life!? It's my life and honestly speaking should someone really try to force me to make a choice between Sweden or Korea or rather my Swedish family or my birth family?  I know what I'd choose in a heartbeat without blinking - hopefully nobody would really try to force me to make such a big decision.