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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making Bounderies and Keeping Them

I think I'm finally on to something life altering you could even say I have experienced another epiphany of sorts. As an adult or more so adult adoptee I've had people trying to give me advice or even instructions from time to time. I especially recall many different situations with a similar or repeating pattern.

People who are close to me, relatives, close friends and immediate family has tried to brush my feelings aside, I'm to sensitive or need to re-adjust. Since I have felt really lonely for the large part of my rather short life I developed a behavioral pattern which is triggered in certain situations. (I won't go in to that now, for personal reasons).

Because I felt ignored, unimportant and what more, all I honestly wanted was for someone to see me and if not help me at least show that they cared. Yet I was forced to spend time in a toxic environment that at least (appeared to be dangerous to me), based on personal experience. All I really wanted was to flee; escape and run away. My body told me this, I could feel it in my heart and in the very essence of my soul... I got what I wanted in the end. Now I realize this situation is very likely to reappear again if I don't learn to set bounderies.