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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Adoptee Reunion

For some time now I have felt like I wanted to write a post about this particular subject, but I haven't felt emotionally ready--- for different reasons. Now I feel like I'm finally ready to share it, as someone who is an adult interracial female adoptee. The subject I'm going to try to share more than explain, is the subject of adoption and reunion. By far not an easy topic to write about--- it's so personal, emotional and full of hurtfulness and other things.

In order to do this --- to make it easier to understand and relate to I find it necessary to venture back to the beginning somewhat. The year I was concieved was 1985 and I was born in one of the first few months the following year-- 1986. At that time my birth parents had endured and experienced many setbacks, they lost their social status in society, meaning that the need for a male child, an heir became even more needed. At the same time they also experienced a bad harvest and lost much of their cattle.

Therefore it became impossible for my parents to keep me, add to the fact that my Omma basically was dying after giving birth to me, then it seems like the best thing to do for all parties is to give the newborn child a fair chance to get a brighter future with better prospects to start of in life.