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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The mother I never met and the mother I had

Trace's birthmother Helen
Ah, it was quite something to see some similarities between me and my birthmom Helen. I never met her but when she passed in 2007, I found an article about her in a Florida newspaper. I put the article away after reading it once but it mysteriously appeared in a file for the book I’m co-editing with Patricia Busbee.
The new anthology CALLED HOME is about Native adoptees who felt “called home” and felt the urgent need to find their first families after adoption.

Not all of us were adopted by happy people. I wrote in my memoir I felt wanted. Well, my aparents were infertile and had lost two infants of their own to miscarriage so yes, I was wanted. But looking back with an adult eye, I was meant to fill in for the children they lost. I was meant to replace them. I was meant to pretend insanity was normal. 

What that meant was no easy task.