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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Reunion, Culture & Love

Is it possible for people to walk through life alone---without making any commitments..? Commitments to other people and still be happy. As an adult adoptee I confess I do have major trust issues - and the thing I'm most scared of out of anything in the world is to be betrayed,left behand and forgotten. Maybe I have to resolve certain things within myself---and about myself before I do think about making commitments-- any type of commitments be it friendship,work or love.

I've chosen loneliness instead of friends, companionship and understanding not because I really want to--- but because it's safe or safer. I've been hurt so many times before, I'm not sure how many more broken promises and sad farewells my heart can withstand. So I'd rather be alone, the times I've tried to get closer to people has so far not ended very well.