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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Became a Child of Divorce Through Adoption Reunion

Although divorce is common and accepted as the norm in our society, this was not always the case.  In the 70's growing up, I only had one or two friends with divorced parents.  It was the norm to have parents who were married in the community I grew up in.

Today, I feel very fortunate that I never had to grow up as a child of divorce (the stigma of adoption was enough, thank you!)   Of course, as a sheltered child growing up in the 70's, thoughts about divorce rarely entered my mind.  I grew up in one house in one school district with one set of parents.  I was the oldest child and my younger brother, Scott, was adopted when I was three years old.  In our suburban neighborhood in Ohio, we walked to school from kindergarten to fifth grade without fear of strangers.  We had wonderful friends in a safe neighborhood where we played Kick the Can and Ghost in the Graveyard.