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Friday, October 16, 2015

An Adoptee's Fears

I wonder how many prospective adoptive parents still would choose to adopt if they knew the likely implications it may cause the adoptee in the future. As a young adult adoptee in my 20s I have recently begun to fully understand exactly how adoption have shaped me-made me into the person that I am. What fears I still live with unconsiously and daily.

To start with (at least for me) it's the constant fear of rejection as well as the fear of being abandoned and left to fend for myself, with nobody around to offer support. The last aspect would be the belief as well as feeling of never being good enough or worthy enough-good enough for somebody to love or worthy enough to have a nice job and employment.

My brother can't possibly share these feelings or beliefs, but then again he never searched for his birth family nor was he rejected twice like I was. 

The world is not out to punish me or get me back because I was adopted, rejected twice or not good enough. Life's a process and life is in constant change and move forward.