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Adoption and Child Separation at the Border

On June 1, 2018 Rebekah Henson published an important thread on Twitter critiquing the hashtags #FamiliesBelongTogether and #Ke...

Our Fund

How Lost Daughters Gives Back
100% of our proceeds from our book, Lost Daughters: Writing Adoption from a Place of Empowerment and Peace, are donated to organizations supporting Adoptee Rights and family preservation efforts in the United States and around the globe.  Organizations supported thus far include:

By purchasing our book, you are making a difference in the lives of adopted and fostered people and their families.

How you can Give to Lost Daughters
The Lost Daughters Fund is designed to address the existing disparity in the adoption community as the public adoption discourse under-represents, under-includes, and under-utilizes adoptee voices.  Through our fund and your generosity, we provide scholarships to Lost Daughters authors in need of lodging and transportation to participate in adoption-related events or adoption-focused speaking engagements.  Please send your monetary gift through PayPal to fund@thelostdaughters.org. Donations are not tax-deductible at this time.

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