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Thursday, March 1, 2012

My beautiful sister Teresa

My beautiful sister Teresa

Meeting and getting to know my sister Teresa was the greatest gift in my life. I met her in 1994 when I met my dad Earl for the first time. She died yesterday at age 50.
I always wanted a sister and she was the very best for the past 18 years. I will be attending her funeral this weekend and conclude BLOG WEEK "What Annoys you about the Adoption Establishment" with this post on my Split Feathers Blog. I wanted the readers of Lost Daughters to read it, too.

This is what reunion taught me:

Getting to meet siblings is life-changing.
Knowing my first family and siblings helped me go full circle on my adoption journey to healing.
Finding family who looked like me and loved me unconditionally was priceless.
I am glad I never gave up the search for my first family.
My reunion happened 16 years after I started looking for them. I don't regret
opening my adoption, despite the laws that prevented me and unwritten rules that
said I should never search because it would hurt my adoptive parents.
Adoptees, please start your search if you haven't. FIND YOUR FAMILY!
Write your legislators and tell them to open your adoption records. Contact
Soaring Angels on Yahoo Groups and get your non-id paperwork. Don't wait, start
If you need my help, email me: tracedemeyer@yahoo.com.
Trace/Laura Thrall-Bland
BLOG WEEK: My beautiful sister Teresa

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