Sunday, August 11, 2013

Adoptee Rights Week at Lost Daughters, OPEN THREAD: What Does your Original Birth Certificate Mean to you?

We talk about political and social issues a lot here at Lost Daughters which may leave people wondering where our project stands in terms of politics.  We are a writing collaboration, founded on one really great principle: that the adoptee voice is necessary and should be heard.  When our authors provide political or social commentary, they are representing themselves as individuals--although their views may resonate with other authors and our readers as well.  Doing this, we've become a supportive environment to our women authors and hope that our readers are benefiting from our voices too.

That said, we do discuss policy and politics a lot here.  And although we're not a political organization, the topic of Adoptee Rights speaks to most of our authors and a large portion of our readership.  In short, we'd like to spend time focusing on this topic this week.  This could not be more timely as the 6th annual Adoptee Rights Day is tomorrow, August 12, 2013, corresponding with the 6th annual Adoptee Rights Demonstration.

So we open this thread today--this week--to our readers to comment: what does your original birth certificate mean to you?  If you are an ally to the cause who is not adopted, what does it mean to you to support changing the laws in most U.S. states to give adoptees the same access to their OBC that everyone else who is not adopted enjoys?