Monday, September 30, 2013

Life Recipe

I'm alive because I breath
I live because I breathe
I feel my heartbeats in my chest
They told my mother I was stillborn and everyone else I was a disease
But I know I'm neither
I wasn't stillborn and I'm not a disease

I'm no longer that innocent child
Yet I might still be naive
Everyone says you should listen to your heart or let your heart guide you
But what if you have tried to listen and tried to follow what your heart said ?
Maybe all the answers you get just makes you more confused
What if you don't know what you want
Don't know how you want to live your life
Or don't have a clue about exactly how your future should be

All I know is this I just want someone to love me and accept me as I am with all my flaws
I'd like an equally imperfect guy to love
Someone who shares my values and political views
But I still need to figure out the formula for my perfect life and future
I still haven't identified all the ingredients in the recipe for my dream life