Friday, September 13, 2013

The Experiment [in the name of The Great White Almighty]


i vanished.

i am vanishing.

as a secret
that remains untold,
that lies down with the dead,

as though it had never lived.

that it could be recruited
for the Great Experiment
to quench the thirst

of the Great White Hope.

who cannot feel complete

without taking on a good deed
to love and to hold and to cherish
to mold and to form and to push

into their image
into their arms
into their calculated world of privilege

where everything and everyone is

For the Viewing--

Look at
my Little Black Doll.

Gawk at
my Golden China Doll.

these Beautiful Ethnic Children
behind the thin glass walls

With their mothers and fathers
brothers and sisters
grandfathers and grandmothers

weeping at their feet.

the Great White Light
will not see you

the Great White Trumpet
will not hear you

the Great White Wisdom

will take you.
from it all.

Because you do not need what the Great White All
can not give.

Because you want what the Great White Almighty has.

It is Divine.
It is. My.

And it has the papers to prove it--
balled up in its fist.

You can not compete
the Law of Green and White.

By which all abide.


And now that it is too late
to retrieve
that whom was thrown away.

You are trapped.

And although it is never too late to.
submit to.
the Law of Green and White

will not.
get you out.
Not this time

it will not save you.
Not in this life.

For, do you not know, dear,

you have already been saved.

from the Person
the People
the Language
the Land
the Family
the Love

you might have been

no one

without us.


So be sure to fulfill your obligation
And utter with profusion
the gratitude

of being granted the mercy
of being permitted the opportunity
to be strapped down to the tails of its coat:

you are welcome,
my darling,

as long as you
silence the wailing lump

trying to escape from your precious little throat

where your insignificant

voice resides

no one will listen to

you were just an

just another subject,


dot. on. a. line.
of the Great White Graph,

that the Great White World will choose to


will choose to

will lock in a box,

All for.

All in.

the only name that exists,

all hail, America,

all of you,
all of us,


all in the sacred name.

The Great White Love.


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