Monday, July 21, 2014

Oh This Wicked Faith

Oh this wicked faith of mine
And because of what
Why does this keep happening to me
It's not the first time
It seems to happen every time

Why is that
How could that be
Could it be my olive skin
My dark brown Asian eyes or my raven black hair
Is it happening only because I'm Asian
And dress a certain way

I admit that I'm Asian
I'm proud to be Asian and I won't ever deny it
I refuse to be a sexual object
I shouldn't have to be punished based on who my parents are

Docile and submissive I'm anything but that
Maybe it's the Asian fever
Is the Asian fever eqvivallent to a curse

What's so special with an Asian girl ?
Is it really that exoctic
As they claim it is
Why is it that I get noticed wherever I go by the opposite sex
It's not like I'm doing something special

No longer will I confuse male attention with love
Real love means that they accept you and respect you
And think less of a womans body and clothes
Maybe it's my youth or
 Asian heritage I can't be sure

No I say no
Stop this right now
This was the last time
I wasted time on worrying about a boy

I should not be concerned
About weither or not a boy likes me
What's important is something
That I almost forgot
Do I like somebody
Not do they like me or why do they like me

The truth if is as follows
Sure I'm Asian but only by birth and heritage
I'm so much more than just a plain Asian stereotype
You seem to forget among all your prejudices
That I am in fact a human too
I have a heart, feelings and a mind of my own

I refuse to be somebody's personal Gheisa
To be transformed into another man's Asian doll
Blackmailed and threatened into
Nothing more than a personal slave

I'm tired of being a stereotype
As soon as people see me
They assume they know exactly who I am
Just by looking at the colour of my skin
Or the way I choose to dress
Being Asian is so much more
Than eating rice and singing karaoke
Its a culture, heritage
More importantly a human race

Dad keeps telling me I have a choice
People always have
What guy should I strive towards then
A guy whose just like me
Or someone my parents could accept