Monday, February 8, 2016

Chance or Choice


Destiny or chance
That's not what life's about
Adoption's not
Destiny it's a
Concious choice
Just like love
Isn't either chance
Or choice
Life's about
Constant choices
Every day
Human's are architects of their own faith
By the way I don't believe in destiny
If human's are creators of their own lives
Why can't adoptees be
Adoptees are humans too

The hard reality for many adoptees is circumstantial if anything.
Of course prospective adoptive parents
Begin to plan and prepare for raising and caring for a healthy cute child.
Can you really prepare for such a huge responsability though?
Someone recently told me that if they'd known one of their adopted children
Was born with an unknown or hidden mental disability
They would have respectfully declined.
Should it really be up for the prospective adoptive parents to call all the shots?
I cry for that child it would be yet another type of rejection.
Fragile bonds just healed would be shattered to the floor all over again.
Healed wounds not yet healed would be ripped open.
Left to bleed...

Let me ask you once again do you think life is based on chance or choice?