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Monday, December 26, 2016

Fragments and Forgotten Memories

My Soul
Come To Life
When I Hear
Something in Korean
My Heart and Soul
Starts Singing
I Feel Happy yet Sad
The Smells
From Korea
Feels Like Home
To Me


My Soul
For Me
Come Back
I Once Was
Born But
Forced to Forget
About Myself

My Heart and Soul
Has Not Forgotten
This Is Why
I Must Return
My Happiness
Could Be
In Korea
Have To Find
That Missing


Before I Was Born
Even Created
There Was A Woman
I Was Supposed
To Have Called
Just As
There Once
Was A
Proud Man
That I Never
Got Know
As My Father

Older Sisters
Voices And Laughter
I Never Got
To Hear
An Entire Life
I Was Erased From

Memories Soon
Turned In To
Suddenly Forgotten
A Blank Space
In It's Place


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