Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It has been a very interesting week in adoptionland this week, not that every week doesn't have it's high points and it's downturns. Adoption Mosaic published a piece about being Angry which produced some lively discussion and a revelation by John Raible. Personally I applaud his new direction, which seems to be part of the new groundswell for adoptees..not only speaking out, but ensuring that we speak for ourselves, encourage others to speak and help younger adoptees to speak out, to express their views and their feelings about adoption and their adoption in particular.
What we are seeing is the beginning of a new era for adoptees; we are lucky to be part of it and fortunate to be able to play our part, whatever it is, in pushing it along. It is time to break the last taboos, to speak of the previously unspeakable and to take off the gags placed on us by the adoption myths, by adopters, mothers, the industry and all those with a vested interest in having us keep quiet about how adoption really is for us, how reunion really turns out and how we really feel about our adopters and the loss and damage that happened to us before adoption.
We need to be true to ourselves and each other in our acceptance of the difference in our stories and experience and the place we have reached in our journey. I feel we have a duty to young adoptees, those who have suffered the same loss we have, to make a space for them where they can feel safe to talk, discuss, question and where no subject is taboo.Whether it is in face to face groups,online, in forums or on blogs, however it happens, it needs to be part of what is offered to young adoptees by those who know.