Monday, June 2, 2014

"Don't you dare try to diminish the fullness of my identity:" The Spoken Word Poem that Will Take Your Breath Away

Yesterday, Lost Daughters held our first reading--our first event--ever, Living Loud DC.  We were honored to be joined by local adoptee, artist, and scholar, Amira Rose.  Amira began her spoken word piece by saying, "I wrote this this morning."  We were blown away by her delivery of a powerful poem about imposed happiness, wearing a mask, wounds that bleed, and declaring one's absolute right to be true to their feelings.

"I was born.  Feeling.  But I did not see her.  I did not hear her.  That rhythmic melody that I had danced to for nine months suddenly gone.  Her voice mute.  Her face that I had been so eager to touch far from my tiny reach.  Painful silence cut fast and sharp, wounding me deep beneath the surface of my baby brown skin." --Amira Rose, June 01, 2014

Watch the rest below.

Amira Rose is a transracial adoptee who was born in Texas in 1988 and adopted as an infant and raised by two awesome adoptive mothers in Massachusetts. She has been reunited with her birth parents and siblings since 2009. Both sides of her growing family were in attendance at her wedding to Michael the following year. Amira Rose is mom to a spunky 6-year old diva and a mischievous 18th month old daredevil. Amira Rose is currently a PhD Candidate in History at Johns Hopkins University and when not researching or writing her dissertation she enjoys obsessing about Boston sports and planning Disney vacations.

Thank you to Mothermade for posting the video.  Thank you Amira Rose for your powerful voice.