Monday, June 2, 2014

Thank you for Making #LivingLoudDC a Success!

Living Loud DC readers, emcee Kevin Haebeom Vollmers, and Amb. Susan Jacobs.  Photo from Amb. Jacobs @childrensissues.

Last night, a spirited collective of artists gathered together to bring the Living Loud DC event to life.  And bring it to life they did.  Nine incredible authors, 8 from lost daughters, delivered pieces from four different works (some published some never before read/heard) against the backdrop of the gorgeous Busboys and Poets (5th & K location) surrounded by the energizing sounds of Superior Cling, woven and connected by emcee Kevin Haebeom Vollmers, and powerfully introduced by Ambassador Susan Jacobs.  We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who brought this event together--and to provide links for anyone wanting to learn more about someone or something they saw at Living Loud DC.

Thank you to Kevin Haebeom Vollmers who initiated, connected, and planned this event, and for lending his humorous and captivating emcee skills.

Thank you to our partners for making the event possible, the Barker Foundation, Korean Focus, and Land of Gazillion Adoptees.

Thank you to Ambassador Susan Jacobs for your powerful introduction to this event and for valuing and supporting adoptee voices.  Thank you to Kathy Sacco, Special Assistant to Special Advisor for Children's Issues, for your help and support.

Thank you to Superior Cling for your beautiful music and voices.

Thank you to Busboys and Poets for your gorgeous space, delicious food, and amazing staff.

Thank you to our incredible authors who read from works such as Lost Daughters and The Declassified Adoptee.  Thank you to our special guest, Amira Rose, for her incredible spoken word piece written specifically for the event, and to Lost Daughter, Aselefech Evans, for her original piece.  Thank you to Rosita for displaying her beautiful pottery inspired by her adoption journey.

Finally, we thank our audience--those present or with us in heart and spirit--for witnessing, supporting, sharing, and valuing our voices.

Without all of you, this incredible event would not have been possible.

Our Warmest Thanks,

The Lost Daughters

Please stay tuned to our website for more follow-ups, pictures, and videos.  Check out #LivingLoudDC on Twitter and Facebook.