Friday, August 14, 2015

Rooted to Resiliency: How to Overcome the Blues...

Can I tell you a secret?

Sometimes I despair....why is it so hard to feel safe enough to be authentic? 

Growing up I wasn't allowed to feel sad. I was told I should not cry...that crying would just make my (adoptive) family feel "stop crying, and stop being so selfish." 

Most of all, I wasn't supposed to talk about my birthfamily. I was especially never supposed to mention that infamous 'L' word: loss.

But what if I loved my (adoptive) family, whilst also missing my birthfamily, too? When everyone else in our society can reasonably expect to have a community gathering (e.g., funeral/memorial) to recognise the loss of a family member...why was I supposed to mourn my losses entirely alone

It's scary to be a child who must not mourn. When everyone tells you that your job is to be happy -- to keep the people around you happy -- what else can you do but smile, and ACT HAPPY (whilst crying secret tears inside)?

Sisters, please join me in a quiet moment, acknowledging our losses and beaming love to all the children in the world who...right now...may also be walking bravely amongst us, smiling through secret tears. (to be continued...)

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