Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In Whose Best Interest?

Is it really true that interracial adoption always, always acts in the best interest of a child? I beg to differ. If that would be true I would like to believe that I wouldn't have been relinquished for adoption in the first place.

Pregnancy, childbearing and childbirth is not a basic human right and shouldn't be seen as one.

Recently, my friend was told that she probably would end up in constant problems with the authorities and social services if she decided to one day have a child.

I find that statement really condescending, since it's based on nothing but pure speculation. Furthermore I think that's also quite the hypocrisy since since my friend never would have been adopted if that statement really was true.

As a fellow interracial adult adoptee, I find that many times adult adoptees are considered an exception. It's not only supported and encouraged for privileged prospective APs to actively seek adoption "just to get a child" to raise supposedly as their very own while it seems adoptees' rights are denied. Why does society believe that an adult adoptee can't offer their own biological child the very same thing that APs are supposed to offer?

In interracial adoption, or more so in any cases that involves adoption the importance is placed on the child's social heritage while a child's ethnic heritage is overlooked. Why is that?