Sunday, September 30, 2012

How Weird is This?

This morning I was sitting out in the shade of the tulip tree, enjoying the cool autumn morning, drinking coffee, and watching my four-year old ride his bike back and forth on the sidewalk while I was talking with my birthmom, Kate, who was sitting there next to me, and I thought, "How weird is this?" Here is the idyllic parenting scene and there we were in our strange family combination.

Before I met Kate, before I was in reunion, I would have never pictured sitting around on a Sunday morning with my kids and my birthmom. It's not even that it was forbidden or strange, it just was never an option that occurred to me regarding how my life and family situation would turn out.

We share a world that is filled with unusual situations that are creating the  new look of family that is different from what it was when Kate was first pregnant with me forty years ago.

I am new to Lost Daughters and am excited to be a part of such a meaningful, interesting group. One of the things I enjoy most is getting to know other adult adoptees and sharing experiences together - all the things we have in common, the shared experiences, the ways we've become who we are because of who we've been.

As we forge ahead in our lives, I am happy to get to know, and share, one another's stories. I think that by sharing our stories and recognizing them as real and true and genuine, we get to transform not only our world but the world around us. When we share our stories, they become real, and so we become real. I love that my kids see the family I've created as perfectly normal. So while I am thinking to myself, "How weird is this?" they're not thinking much of anything. This is their normal, and there's nothing weird about it.